About Blaze

With over two decades entertaining and winner of the 2023 Magician of the year, and 2024 Corporate Entertainer of the Year in the Prestige Awards, Blaze's family-friendly comedy magic will amuse and amaze your guests, giving them an unforgettable experience, whether you are having a party, wedding or corporate event!

Performing in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and throughout Australia, Blaze provides entertainment for events from intimate family gatherings to huge festivals, like The Gold Coast Show!!

Stage Comedy Magic Show: Blaze's ability to seamlessly blend magic and comedy makes his performances both hilariously entertaining and engaging. He is a master of misdirection, using it not only to pull off impressive illusions, but also to deliver comedic punchlines that leave audiences laughing!

Close-up Roaming Magic: Whether your guests are seated at a dining table or mingling at a cocktail party, Blaze will roam around your event, giving each group their own close-up magic show. Not only does the magic often happen in their own hands, creating a unique and memorable experience, but your special occasion will also be extra lively with surprised screams and laughter!